2004 Convention, Philadelphia, PA
May 7-9, Sofitel Hotel

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Nik Weiss, of St. Urbanshof, who led one of our seminars Also HERE. And with Beth Sheligo, President; and Joe Huber

Alice Fitz  of Fitz-Ritter, who also led one of our seminars. Alice Fitz, another shot.

George Marling, Chairman of the Board; and Fred WilliamsGeorge Alone

Beth Sheligo and David Schildknecht, wine writer/importer

David Schildknecht, lecturing

Don Reddicks(right)(Atlanta Chapter Chair), Mike Walsh

Don and Joan Reddicks, Atlanta Chapter; and with Evie Peck (left)

Hanne Caraher, Treasurer, and with Mike Walsh

From Left (beginning with full view and no one cut off...) David Axler, Pey-Wen Ting, of the Philadelphia/South Jersey chapter; and David Bueker (New England Chapter Chair)

Mark Squires and Alan Denis

Marylin Scarbrough, Betty King (Center, Washington, D.C., Chapter Chair),  Frances Dubrowski, David Buente 

Herb Engelbert, Kathryn Bessemer, Philadelphia/South Jersey Chapter

At the banquet:  Left to right: Lydia Mueller (in yellow), Anna Schnabel, from Washington, D.C.  Sonia Wilson from Philadelphia. Joan Reddicks, Atlanta Chapter, who is seated at another table with her back to Sonia.

David and Laura Bueker with Nancy Peach and with President Beth Sheligo

David Buente and Francis Dubrowski

Jaymie De Witt and Audrey Schupp

Ken Kelly, Dave Axler and Pey-Wen Ting

Tom (Canadian German Wine Society President) and Gail Atkinson  and with Beth Sheligo, Tom's USA counterpart



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