1997 Convention, Washington, D.C.

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The PR at the time: 

We are offering a unique opportunity to collect previously unavailable wines from great vintages at a charity auction. Great wines you despaired of ever being able to buy again. Wines not even available in Germany, for example, a collection of Eiswein from the three greatest Eiswein vintages in the last 15 years ('83, '85, and'91). Cases of the great 1990 vintage that have been stored in refrigerated cellars. A collection of wines from 1971, 1975, and 1976 that were originally purchased back when the wines first arrived and were impeccably stored. Profits from the auction go to the Campagne Center, a non-profit organization that offers a wide variety of services for children and families.

We have a unique combination of great wines and foremost authorities on German wine. We have three events on Friday, three on Saturday, and one on Sunday. All seven events are available in a package costing only $190 for members of the German Wine Society. It includes tastings led by Rheingau vintner Georg Breuer, German wine importers Terry Theise, Bob Rice of Chapin Cellars, and David Thompson of the Valkenberg group; wine from David Schildknecht, the foremost retailer in the United States; and Helmut Jung of the German Wine ' Institute in Mainz, Germany. Terry Theise's event will feature wines from great older vintages, directly from the cellars of his vintners in Germany.

At all events, except the German Embassy reception, participants will be seated at round tables. At the Embassy event, participants will be able to walk from table to table to taste wines representing each wine-growing region of Germany.

The Events


10:30 a.m., David Schildknecht, Morrison House. Maximum 44.

12:30 p.m., Lunch with Terry Theise, great older vintages, Morrison House. Maximum 30.

7:00 p.m, Germany Embassy, a tour of German wines and charity auction, with Helmut Jung of the German Wine Institute. Maximum 200.


10:30 a.m., David Thompson, Valkenberg Group, Campagne Center, Maximum 80.

12:30 p.m., Lunch with Bob Rice, Campagne Center. Maximum 80.

7:00 p.m., Grand banquet with Peter Sichel and wines from the Capital Chapter of the German Wine Society, Campagne Center. Maximum 80.


10:30, Brunch with Georg Breuer, Morrison House. Maximum 44.












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